Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower // July 21, 2012 // Private Home // North Bend, WA


When I heard I was gaining a little sister I knew I wanted to host a bridal shower for her.  I enlisted my two big sister’s help and we got to planning.  We decided on a bright, multicolored champagne brunch to be held outside at my house.  I hit Pinterest for ideas and away the planning went.

We kept the invitations simple.  Brown craft paper printed with bright colors, postcard style, were sent out to family and the bridal party.  We decided to use craft paper to top the tables with bright pink table skirts.  There was a long table for guests to sit, eat and play games.  Down the center of the table were wine glasses and martini glasses flipped upside down with a flower underneath and a brightly colored candle sitting on top and small glass dessert dishes with blue hydrangeas.  At each place setting was a water bottle with a custom label.  We also had vases of colorful flowers sitting around and bright polka dot balloons!

Upon arrival, guests were asked to sign a champagne bottle.  Lauren would get to take the bottle home to enjoy and when she popped the top she would think of everyone at the party.  Each guest could also choose a brightly colored ring to wear for the afternoon.  As favors, each guests was given a small colorful hand sanitizer from Bath and Bodyworks.

Food was a brunch buffet style and all bite size.  Fruit skewers, quiches, mini doughnuts and bagels were set out to enjoy.  There were polka dot plates and napkins and purple silverware adorned with rhinestones.

The main attraction was the mimosa bar.  Champagne, three flavors of juice and three choices of fruits made for fun palette pleasing drinks.  Each girl got a champagne glass with their name, a fun colored straw and were let loose to make their drink.  I think this was everyone’s favorite part of the afternoon.

We played a couple games for some entertainment.  Chrissy hosted the game ‘how well do you know the bride?’ She had a series of questions for everyone to answer and who ever got the most right was the winner.  I hosted the ‘make your own veil game.’  Lauren wasn’t wearing a veil on her wedding day, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a veil into her shower.  Each girl was given a couple sheets of white tissue paper, a roll of toilet paper and 15 minutes to create a veil.  After the 15 minutes were up, each girl had to walk the catwalk one by one for Lauren to judge the veils.  Lauren picked a winner and she got to wear the veil for the rest of the afternoon!  It was a lot of fun to watch the girls craft the veils and strut their stuff down the runway!

For gifts, we went a different route than normal.  On the invitation we suggested a gift card of choice to shower the bride.  The gift cards ranged from Target (where the couple was registered) to restaurants and cinemas.  It was a great array of cards and I think people enjoyed the idea of something different that an actual gift.

It was a fun afternoon with a wonderful group of women!