Ahoy! It’s a Boy! Baby Shower // March 10, 2013 // Private Home // North Bend, WA

I got to throw this shower for one of my very best girlfriends that was expecting her second child, baby boy Tristan.  I decided to go with the theme Ahoy! It’s a Boy! and turn my house into all things nautical.  For those of you that know me, I can be a little over the top-but it’s ok-I plan parties-it’s expected…right? This time of year was the SEASON for nautical…boy did I time that well!  Or should I say boy, did Kelli time that well ;).  I found the cutest invitations on Etsy with red envelopes and found the perfect nautical stamps on Zazzle.  Yes, I paid more for this, but c’mon I needed the complete package.

Next up was decor…burlap flags, strings of flags in blue, yellow, red, and orange with nautical cutouts (thanks Cricut), a clothes line of baby clothes (which were then given to Kelli as a gift)…all in the nautical theme, sea shells, a life ring, and much more.  OH! I  can’t forget the polka dot balloons (in the theme colors of course), the whale balloon and the sailboat balloon.

Then-games…we wanted fun, but not cheesy.  Game 1: the classic do not say game. The chosen words were Kelli, baby, mom and Tom.  Each guest was given some blue clothes pins and if another guest caught them saying one of the off limit words and called them out, they had to hand over a clothes pin.  The guest with the most clothes pins at the end of the game won!  Game 2: Guess the date.  I made a calendar that was framed as a keepsake for Kelli.  Each guest got to pick a date (1 guest per date), stamp the date and write their name.  Once baby Tristan was born the person closest to the birth date was mailed a surprise!  Game 3: How well do you know the mother to be?  I asked Kelli a series of questions and she gave me the answers.  At the shower, each person got a game sheet and took a guess at each question.  We then let Kelli answer each question and whoever had the most correct answers won the prize!  Game 4: diaper raffle.  With each invitation was a diaper raffle ticket.  If you wanted to participate, you simply brought a pack of diapers and your name was entered in the drawing! Finally wishes for baby - although this wasn’t a game, it was more of an activity.  Each guest was asked to complete their wishes for baby on a custom sheet of paper. Kelli got to keep all of the sheets to share with Tristan when he is older.

For the food and drinks, I wanted to stay within the nautical theme as much as possible.  I did a tray of gold fish crackers, a martini glass for each guest with blueberries, a dollop of whip cream and an orange slice sailboat, shrimp, small “life ring” bagels with assorted cream cheeses, and other snacks.  The food was a hit!  Each guest got a mason jar wrapped with twine and a name tag and had the option of using a stripped straw if they pleased for their beverage.  Available to choose from were nautical wrapped water bottles, mimosas, wine, beer and a basil lemonade to fill their mason jar.

Favors were also tied into the theme.  There were skewers of salt water taffy in the colors of the event, small jars of sea salt, and chocolate suckers in the shapes of different sea animals.

I was so HAPPY with the way everything came together and it was so fun to watch one of my best friends be showered with LOVE. We got to welcome Tristan into this world in the middle of May-and he is just the cutest little bug.  He joins his ADORABLE big sister Makenna!